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Snowboard Rentals

Since snowboarding's inception as an established winter sport, it has developed various styles, each with its own specialized equipment. All Mountainside Sports equipment is kept in great condition and tuned regularly to current snow conditions. We offer friendly, expert service so even novice snowboarders feel comfortable and have fun.

We know that some of you want top end technoloogy at an affordable price, while others want forgiving and fun boards that make it fun and easy to learn to shred. Here at Mountain Side, we take great pride in the fact that we stock the same equipment that top pro riders use as well as specifically designed beginner boards developed to have first timers on their feet and carving effortlessly.

Tell us about your past boarding experience and we'll put together just the right package for you!


In this package our customers will enjoy the Burton Progression and LTR snowboards. These boards will cater to all types of beginner to early intermediate snowboarders. They are forgiving, durable, light and stylish. If you are just starting out, this line up will help you get from sitting in the snow to shredding the whole mountain in no time at all.

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This package is epic! For customers who aim to enjoy every line that a resort has to offer. Faster and much more responsive for riders who are looking to hit the terrain park or link some smooth turns all day long. Our board quiver is a blend of men’s and woman’s 2016 Burton Snowboards. This package is matched up with either Genesis, Cartel or Mission EST Bindings and an upgraded boot.

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How to choose your snowboard

  • Performance snowboard: Expert snowboarders (at least a few days a year on snow)
  • Beginners snowboard: First time and occasional snowboarders (less than 3 times on snow)
  • Kids snowboard: 12 year-old snowboarders and less (or really small feet)
Our Pricing for this season is as follows:

Snowboard Packages

Day (8:00am to 10:00pm)
Night (4:30 pm to 10:00pm)
Beginner $38.00 $34.00  
Advanced $49.00 $44.00  

Package Includes Snowboard, Boots and Bindings.

Full Service and Repair shop on site
Professional tuning packages starting at $25

We carry top brands such as